Take this weekend to stay in and make it all about yourself (we know it doesn’t happen often)! TRS girls have a secret DIY project that keeps us inspired and happy at all times…


Sure, we see these on Pinterest all the time! But take this board and make it your own. Buy a cork board large enough to be centered above a spot in your home you face every day.

Grab some magazines, your laptop and a printer and start your mini arts and crafts station (including a glass of wine of course).

Cut out images you love, things that make you feel good, places you want to go, outfits you like, anything that makes you smile. Now use your laptop to print images of things you have accomplished or places you have been that bring back pleasant memories.
Post all images on your board and be proud of those images regardless of how embarrassing some things might be. It’s YOURS. It is the one thing in your home that gives you peace and nobody else can intrude on your board.