Every Sunday during football season, warriors take the gridiron and do battle for the sake of millions of fans across the nation.  These athletes train most of their lives sacrificing everything to compete to be champions. As Americans we love this game, cheer this game and enjoy this game but its about more than just fun. It’s about heart, hard work, execution and passion to be the best. It’s that passion for healthy competition while seeking an unattainable perfection that drives us Americans. We definitely love our pigskin.


This same passion was the seed of inspiration for RUSH 2015.  With a feminine twist on athletic fits these suits ache for the girl who’s not afraid to run with the boys.  Think home and away jerseys with versatile tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched to suit any fans allegiance.  New lace-up features make solid colors pop, both on the sideline and poolside. Every suit is ready to play and is named accordingly.  From Beast Mode to Tight End, these suits let girls take their love of the game as seriously as they take their tan lines.


Having been surrounded by football her whole life, Nichole Carroll has put her life force into Tyler Rose Swimwear and channeled her love of football into her passion for swimwear.  She’s not here to play; she’s here to keep grinding to make TRS the best there is.  All the bluster and patter in the world means nothing without hard work and execution.  RUSH 2015 is a testament to that.


Athletes don their colors and go to work on the gridiron…

Ladies, rock RUSH 2015 and go to work poolside!